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Sharp J Tech Inverter Air Conditioner

⦁Compressor: 10 Years Warranty
⦁Spare Parts: 1 Year
⦁Free Service: 1 Year

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Sharp Inverter AC price in Bangladesh.

sharp inverter ac 1.5-ton, j tech inverter ac is a perfect choice for you and your family with its cutting-edge features. This 1.5 T Ton AC with its cooling capacity can be a perfect addition to your home or your office. This powerful AC has a cooling area of  1.5 Ton – *130-180 square feet, Lock-On Sensor coupled with Jet Cool technology ensures quick cooling, and easy to clean filter ensures you neat service. The Heavy Duty Compressor will make sure that you use the AC without any worry for years.

Save Tk. 125,000 from Electricity Bills
Capacity & Model: AHXP12WMT  (1.0 ton) -*100-120 square feet,

                                     AHXP18WMT (1.5 Ton) – *130-180 square feet,

                                     AHXP24WMT (2.0 Ton) – *1170-229 square feet.
Up to 60% Energy Saving
Plasma-Cluster Ionizer
J-TECH Inverter
High-Density Plasmacluster Ions
Air Purifying Filter & Self-Clean
Lock-On Sensor
4-Way Air Swing
Baby Sleep Mode / Best Sleep Mode
Eco Mode

sharp j tech inverter ac price in Bangladesh

Energy Saving Inverter

Energy-saving operation mood is instantly activated once the preset room temperature has been reached, utilizing high power DC motors for the compressor and outdoor fan to reduce energy consumption and increase performance efficiency.

Plasmacluster Ions clean the air inside rooms, as well as break down and remove unwanted odors.

The air inside ordinary houses contains invisible, harmful organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Sharp’s unique Plasmacluster technology, installed in your air conditioner, uses the actions of positive and negative ions to clean up these airborne contaminants and create a pleasant living space.

Plasmacluster Ions minimize the growth of mold inside the air conditioner.

While air blow and dry operations are performed for about 40 minutes, Plasmacluster Ions are blown through the interior of indoor equipment. This prevents odor-causing mold from growing on the surface of the heat exchanger. (Note: Mold already formed cannot be removed.

Energy-Saving design dramatically reduces the electric bill

The “Comfort-Eco” Series is designed to raise energy efficiency and greatly reduce power consumption compared to conventional air conditioners, even though it is not an inverter type.

Powerful Jet Mode

Powerful jet mode delivers powerful blasts of cool air to rapidly reduce room temperature.

Strong and Direct Air

The lock-on sensor detects the location of the remote and automatically sends refreshingly cool air in that direction. Long airflow sends cool air traveling upward and across the room to provide gentle, even cooling. Coanda airflow system sends cold air traveling up to the ceiling during cooling operation to avoid direct airflow. Inverter-controlled operation enables quick-cooling operation while limiting functions in temperature and reducing power consumption.

Temperature variation is reduced by 20%

The “Comfort-Eco” series is equipped with precise fan control software and new temperature control software to reduce the temperature variation that causes discomfort in conventional air conditioners.

 Off time reduce by 30%

Conventional air conditioners sometimes stop cooling for long periods of time to adjust the temperature. This was a cause for discomfort, but with the new control software, the off-time is significantly reduced to achieve fine cooling comfort.

Humidity During continuous operation is reduced  

Conventional Air Conditioners sometimes raise the humidity when continuously cooling. This causes even a damp feeling even when the air conditioner is on this. Comfort mode prevents this  humidity increase, to keep the room comfortable.




Sharp-j-tech-inverter-air-conditioner-best-electronics-2With our easy installment facility, Sharp J Tech Inverter Air Conditioner can be yours in a heartbeat. Visit your nearest Best Electronics showroom now and get amazing deals on all Sharp air conditioners.

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