Gulliver's Travels as a political satire

Gulliver’s Travels as a political satire. From your reading of the novel, do you agree with the view that Gullivers Travels by Jonathan Swift reflects the political system of 18th century England?

Gulliver’s Travels as a political satire

“Gulliver’s Travels” is a 1726 prose written by Jonathan Swift. Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” is a fictional satire written by him. The character Lemuel Gulliver of “Gulliver’s Travels” shows his narrative to the readers and questions about the fake world and the political system of the 18th century.

Swift points more to than to fire his satire broadly on abstract ideas. In voyage 1, he deals primarily with politics and politicians rather than good politicians; In voyage 2, he chooses to see the immoral human instead of abstract immorality.

Gulliver does not like politics, at least as it does in modern times, and it is the court conspiracy that drives him out of Lilliput. He further noted that the Lilliputian enthusiasm for discussing politics was inversely proportional to their actual knowledge of the subject.

It is one thing to consider what it means to rule as effectively as the Brobdingnagian King did. Another thing is to use politics and government to secure the job of Familiar people, the Lilliputian emperor, force their subjects to worship and serve the Lilliputian emperor.

Gulliver’s Travels as a political satire

Although the war was bitter and violent, it started because of an irrational disagreement between the Lilliputian and Blefuscu. Lilliput believed that an egg should be broken from the small edge, while Blefuscu believed it should be broken from the large edge. The topic ‘breaking the egg’ represents an irrational political view.

The party Catholic and protestant were like them, irrational. Jonathan Swift’s satire on the royal court in Lilliput demonstrates the danger of using political power and influence to resolve personal rivalries. Since the people do not believe in opinions or any kind of special allegiance, this novel has a political system that represents irrational decisions. Gulliver strongly associates politics with the Neutral.

Jonathan Swift wanted to let everyone know through Gulliver’s Travels that many times we see the right exemplary actions of people through morality. But it was not until the eighteenth century that politicians faced each other fighting for their own success, and at a time when the whole country was at a disadvantage because of their actions. He showed the Brobdingnag, for example, that they may not be self-sufficient but are completely humble and sympathetic to their citizens and their people.

There are activities that come to light with his writing. The way in which Jonathan Swift represents the politicians of his time at Gulliver’s Travels is unparalleled. Because he showed that they were intoxicated with all the immoral and irrational activities and as a result the people of the country were suffering a lot. Again, he has seen many parts for example so that we can understand what a politician should do.

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