How does Emilia help Iago?

How does Emilia help Iago in “Othello” by William Shakespeare?

Emilia helps Iago in “Othello” by William Shakespeare by being his willing accomplice in his scheme to destroy Othello. She steals Desdemona’s handkerchief for him and later tells Othello that Desdemona was not unfaithful even though Iago has convinced him otherwise.

  1. Emilia is Iago’s wife and she is very loyal to him.
  2. Emilia helps Iago by being a sounding board for his ideas and by being a loyal and supportive wife.
  3. Emilia is also helpful to Iago because she is an honest person and she is not afraid to speak her mind.
  4. Iago is a better person because of Emilia’s help and support.
  5. Emilia’s help enables Iago to carry out his plan.
  6. Emilia is unaware of Iago’s true intentions.
  7. Iago manipulates Emilia into helping him.
  8. Emilia’s help is essential to Iago’s success.
  9. Iago takes advantage of Emilia’s trust.


How does Emilia help Iago?

Desdemona dropped her handkerchief, and Emilia gave it to Iago, saying that she had been taken up here since.

Othello asked Desdemona to show him the handkerchief, but she could not because Emilia stole it, and this made him even more certain that she was an adulteress.

Emilia did have a connection to the murder because of this notion and the envious rage that resulted in his killing Desdemona.

When Emilia discovered that her mistress had passed away, she expressed her horror and grief by lamenting that “you have slaughtered the sweetest innocent that ever did lift up eye.”

She also insisted on learning the truth about what happened and proving Iago’s culpability, even though doing so put her in peril.

She justified this by saying, “Let heaven and men and devils, let them all, let them all cry shame against me, yet I’ll speak.”


How does Emilia help Iago?

Emilia is Iago’s wife and Desdemona’s handmaid. She is a loyal friend to both her husband and her mistress, which makes her an excellent confidante for Iago as he plots his revenge against Othello.

Emilia also has no qualms about speaking her mind, even when it gets her into trouble – she isn’t afraid to tell Iago exactly what she thinks of him, even though she knows he doesn’t always want to hear it.

This honesty is one of the things that help Iago in his scheme, as he can use it to gauge how successful his lies are likely to be.

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