Sons and Lovers a novel about human relationships

From your reading of Sons and Lovers, do you consider it a novel about human relationships?

 Sons and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence were Published in 1913. In addition to its accusations of obscenity, the novel received such a brief critical reception at first that it is now considered a masterpiece by many critics and is often regarded as Lawrence’s best achievement.

William, then the only daughter Annie, then Paul, and finally Arthur. The eldest son William is next on Gertrude Morel’s list of favorites, followed by Paul. It is not limited to mother-son love but takes another form. William’s new relationship with his Girlfriend and Fiancee Louisa Lily Denys Western. Gertrude Morel suffered greatly when William had to move to London for work.

A few years later William fell ill and died. Gertrude Morel is devastated by William’s death, and her mind is left to the detriment of the rest of the children until she loses to Paul. From then on, Paul became the focus of Mrs. Gertrude Morel’s attention, and a deep bond was formed between them. Paul is attracted to his mother. Then the mother-son relationship once turned into love.

Types of Relationships that call human relationships

  1. Mother-son
  2. Mother-daughter
  3. Father-son
  4. Father-daughter
  5. Brother-sister
  6. Father-mother

Sons and Lovers Theme

From my reading of “Sons and Lovers”, you consider it a novel about human relationships. In my opinion, is centered on the concept of human relationships. Lawrence depicts a social setting in which human relationships are viewed as secondary to social advancement at first. Lawrence’s characterizations show a healthy contempt for such a condition. For instance, consider Gertrude and her human relationship as a mother.

The storyline of false relationships between husband and wife, man and woman as lovers, and parents and child are told in “sons and lovers.” The mother fixation is built in such a way that it alludes to a larger family context.

Mrs. Morel is dissatisfied with her husband and seeks love and life from her children. She raises her children with the emotion of a lover, and this deep emotion perverts her sons’ life cycles.

Lawrence portrays tensions between sensual and spiritual love. Paul Morel is unable to find fulfillment in love because he is too controlled by his mother’s obsessive love. Lawrence believed that physical love would crumble if it was not nourished by the soul because there is no one apart from the soul.

Both must be made to work together. Both men and women can be happy if they respect each other’s uniqueness and otherness. Dominance on any side harms human relationships.


by Md. Rabby Sharif Ador

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