Sons and Lovers Critical Analysis

Sons and Lovers Critical Analysis by D.H. Lawrence


D.H. Lawrence was an English writer, novelist, and poet. His full name was David Herbert Lawrence He was born in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England, the United Kingdom on 11 September 1885. He excelled in school and was awarded a scholarship to Nottingham High School. He died on 2 March 1930 in Vence, France.


D.H. Lawrence’s work “Sons and Lovers” is set in late nineteenth-century England. “Sons and Lovers” is a 1913 novel. It is an Auto-Biographical Novel. It follows the narrative of a guy who is so emotionally attached to and influenced by his mother that he is unable to develop enduring relationships with other women.

Sons and Lovers Characters

  1. Gertrude Morel wife of Walter Morel.
  2. Paul Morel second son of Gertrude Morel.
  3. William Morel fist son Gertrude Morel.
  4. Lily wife of William Morel.
  5. Miriam Leivers true lover of Paul Morel and the best character of history
  6. Clara Dawes second lover of Paul Morel.
  7. Annie Morel daughter Gertrude Morel.
  8. Arthur Morel youngest child of Gertrude Morel.


Sons and Lovers Critical Analysis


“Sons and Lovers” is set in an industrial mining community in the early twentieth century. The Morels’ housing estate is typical of the mining villages that sprang up across northern England during the nineteenth century’s Industrial Revolution.

Sons and Lovers Themes

  1. The Oedipus Complex, Family, and Psychology.
  2. Propriety, Christianity, and Physicality.
  3. Women’s Rights and Women’s Work.
  4. Death, Bereavement, and Self-Destructive Behavior.
  5. Industrialism and Nature.
  6. Class, Sexuality, and Free Will.


The Criticism of social agency or authority is known as social strife. When two or more actors engage in social interaction and exert reciprocal social power in an effort to achieve incompatible goals while preventing the other from achieving theirs, social conflict ensues.


  • Mother-son
  • Mother-daughter
  • Father-son
  • Father-daughter
  • Brother-sister
  • Father-mother

by Rabby Sharif Ador


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