5 strong characteristics of GTM

What is GTM?

The GTM or Grammar Translation Method is a method of foreign or second language teaching which uses translation and grammar study as the main teaching and learning activities.

GTM is also a teaching method where teachers teach grammatical rules to students, and students memorize rules to translate sentences and passages from the target language into their mother tongue and vice versa.


Characteristics of GTM or Grammar Translation Method

  1. In this method, only by using textbooks has the opportunity to learn another language through the native language. It can be done just by reading books. It can easily help in all kinds of tasks related to learning the language.
  2. In this method, in over-clouded classrooms, GTM makes it easy for everyone to learn a new language through textbooks in the right way and with little effort for the teacher.
  3. In this method, the native language is the medium of instruction, and learning the new language tongue is the medium of traction. It is used to explain new items and to enable comparisons between foreign languages and the mother tongue of the learner.
  4. In this method, the Major focuses on reading and writing. Little attention was paid to speaking and listening. Because in this method Student learn slowly.
  5. In this method, the student understands the original meaning of another language through translation and learns it slowly through the student’s efforts in a completely correct manner.


GTM is more effective for students. This method is more useful for those whose mother tongue is different but learning a new language. Because through this, we may not be able to talk completely quickly but the students get a good idea about its activities and arrangements. And it is taken as an easy way to teach students of primary class from an early age which is very useful for the student.


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