Contribution of Socrates and evaluation on his death

What is the contribution of Socrates to the world of ideas? What is your personal evaluation on the death of Socrates?

Contribution of Socrates to the world of ideas

Socrates was an influential Greek philosopher of power in the classical period, known in his honor as the Socrates Period. Where the other Pre-Socratic philosophers who came before him, were more concerned with how the universe works, Socrates was more concerned with human behavior and was therefore probably the first important philosopher in ethics and humanly knowledge.

Socrates’ conviction to take care of your soul is his conviction that to be virtuous requires knowledge of virtue and consequently, that virtue is necessary to attain happiness. His belief that all evil deeds occur out of ignorance is much worse. Socrates believed that philosophy has a very important role in personal life and in Plato’s fantastic dialogue, he explained why he had such a belief to see what our discussions are and are there. Something that even a little intelligent person would be more serious about.

What is our way of life, many people never consciously think about the question of how they should live instead of living, which is largely determined by cultural values and the rules that they undoubtedly follow. One of the reasons why they may hope to improve their lives is that most do not think about this question consciously because it requires one to acquire self-knowledge or in other words to turn their gaze inward and analyze their true nature.

And the values that govern their lives and such knowledge are perhaps the most difficult knowledge to attain this suffix and perhaps the most famous quote from Socrates is that the value of surviving an untested life is not self-examination the most important task that a person can undertake alone. Socrates’ idea has helped our society to create what it is today, so his contribution to the world’s ideas is considerably huge.

evaluation on the death of Socrates

As Socrates explained, gives us the necessary knowledge to answer the question of how we should live. When we know ourselves, we can learn how to take care of ourselves, but otherwise, we can never turn our eyes inward in search of self-knowledge. Soon we will discover our true nature and contrary to public opinion, according to Socrates, the true self should not be identified with our social status or even our body, but Socrates famously maintained that our true soul is our soul.

A quick note to note is that the ancient Greeks lived before the ascension of Christianity and so for them, the concept of soul did not have the same religious meaning that Socrates claimed for us when he actually meant that our true self is our soul although specifically known No. Socrates’ death is in a way a very sad part of philosophy but in his words, death is a part of life because all his activities were to get to know the man himself and to look at all aspects of society correctly.

Author: Rabby Sharif Ador


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