Possibility to implement CLT in Classroom

Is it possible to implement CLT in the tertiary classroom in Bangladesh? Justify your opinion. 


Possibility to implement CLT in Classroom

The communicative language Teaching and the communicative approach, often known as CLT, is a method of language education that stresses interaction as both a means and an end goal of study.

Learners in CLT contexts learn and practice the target language through interactions with one another and the instructor, the study of “genuine texts,” which are writings written in the target language for purposes other than language acquisition, and the usage of the language in and out of class.

The CLT in Bangladesh can be done very early because in this process the children will be acquainted with all kinds of activities from an early age and for them, something will be implemented through this process.

They will be able to better communicate the language they have learned through CLT everywhere and it will be less difficult for them in the future to be familiar with the tasks.

Implement CLT in Classroom 

  1. Students initially interact with each other instead of the teacher.
  1. Students give and receive information.
  1. The student in the learning process, interaction with group activities, and in the classroom system, as the beneficiary himself
  1. In other words, students should contribute as much as possible to the class, learning in an interdependent manner.


The tertiary classroom of Bangladeshi students can be familiar early with CLT Purpose Allow kids to speak fluently in the target language. Develop what is known as “communicative competence.” Unlike typical Grammar translation techniques.

The CLT will be very effective for tertiary class students of Bangladesh because they will understand the importance of communication from the beginning. They will know how to use it in real life through communication skills.

They will understand how it will be more effective later in life when they already know about it. Know that it will be less difficult for them to learn, and they will be considered good for students.

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