Features of Direct method

What is the Direct Method?

The Direct Method is named “direct” because meaning should be connected directly with the target language without translation into the native language. Language can be learned through demonstration in the Direct Method. Instead of an analytical approach to explaining the rules of grammar, students must be encouraged to use language naturally and spontaneously so that they can persuade grammar.

Direct method features

The features of Direct method the target language is used solely in the classroom. The instructor should demonstrate rather than explain or interpret the mining of it and never translate for the student. The teacher demonstrates for the student. The target language is teaching to form an idea of general grammar but is not taught through writing practice. This method shows that man learns on his own and learns through his natural nature. Which completely helps them to communicate and for that it is very easy for students to learn as they learn it through listening and speaking.

One of Direct methods positive aspects is that it promises to teach the language and not about the language. It is a natural method that teaches the language in the same way to acquire the mother tongue. Only the target language is used and learning is relevant. The emphasis on the discourse makes it even more appealing to those who need real communication in the target language. Introducing vocabulary education through realism is one of the first methods.

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